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hifold® the fit-and-fold booster™


The world's most adjustable highback booster seat. The Unique MultiFit technology has 243 individual settings to keep your child safe & comfortable.

Model #HF02CGRY

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243 individual settings for optimal belt fit and comfort



Meets or exceeds NHTSA FMVSS 213



Folds down for easy storage and portability

compact safety for every adventure

  • hifold is adjustable, safe and comfortable
  • 243 individual settings Meets or exceeds CMVSS 213.2
  • For children weighing 40-100 lbs, 36”-59”
multi-fit 243 individual settings

the world's most adjustable booster

hifold features the unique “MultiFit™” technology. hifold is the only booster seat that can be adjusted separately in 4 areas including, the seat width (3 settings), the body width (3 settings), the head width (3 settings) and the height (9 settings).

This means that hifold not only grows with the child but also ensures optimal seatbelt fit and comfort, no matter the size or shape of the child


the world’s most portable highback booster

The advanced “MultiFold™ “ system. quickly folds down into a compact and convenient size making it ideal for storage.

hifold comes with a convenient carry strap which ensures ease of portability whether for taking on vacation, moving from car to car or for carpooling and taxis.

Conforms to US standard FMVSS 213

designed and engineered for safety

The 6 advanced impact-protection zones and 4 layer design ensure optimum comfort and protection. hifold uses advanced lightweight materials including a Polyproylene shell, EPE, a PU foam and fabric layer.

Quick and easy to fold down

Step 1

press the small buttons in and the tabs down to fold sides in

Step 2

tilt slightly backward and lift the green lever up to fold the back down

Step 3

pinch the 2 buttons together to fold the head rest back

Step 4

press in the green buttons on the headrest and fold the sides in

How to adjust hifold


Height Folded: 9.8 inches (250mm)
Full height: 29.7 inches (755mm)
Length Folded: 13.5 inches (344mm)
Full height: 15.6 inches (397mm)
Width Folded: 13.5 inches (344mm)
Full height: 18.9 inches (480mm)
Weight 10.1 lbs. (4.6kg)
Materials hifold has a unique 4 layer design:
  • Layer 1: Ultra-light weight EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) foam for superior impact resistance.
  • Layer 2: A dense energy absorbing EVA (Ethyelene-vinyl acetate) layer for added protection.
  • Layer 3: A comfortable PU (polyurethane) foam and airflow™, washable fabric.
  • Layer 4: A tough PP (Polypropylene) shell.

"10x smaller and just as safe” Safety claim based on the mifold seat’s compliance with car safety regulations for child restraint systems in different territories. See our FAQs for specific details of the territories in which mifold is compliant with local regulations.

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